#028: Weaving Your Reality with Mind Power Coach, Chantell Fellowes

Her very first TikTok video ever got 3 million views! And it’s not because of some strategy or tactic. It’s because Chantell knows how to tap into feminine flow to not only create authentic content, but to also transform her reality.

Her life and business has completely changed. This episode is all about her mind-blowing journey that all started with a spider. Don't miss this episode!

Chantell is a Mind Power Coach specializing in confidence & self worth. She has helped over 600 women overcome their limiting beliefs and self-worth challenges. As a registered Hypnotherapist under the IICT, Chantell fuses together her expertise in subconscious re-programming and her love for self-empowerment.

She not only loves to empower people out of their self-limiting behaviours, she also loves to inspire and motivate her clients to shine bigger and brighter than ever before.


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