Online businesses can create life-changing amounts of freedom and financial abundance.


You can make 6-figures working less than 15 hours a week, without burnout, without hustle.


To easiest way is to get where you want to go is to learn from someone who has done it before.



I'm obsessed with building a life of freedom and fulfillment. You too??

I went from stressed corporate lawyer working around the clock, evenings, weekends, holidays, you name it, to lifestyle entrepreneur, coaching just a few hours a week, earning 6-figures from wherever I am in the world.

I spent my entire life doing what I thought I "should", but when I gave that all up to do what felt aligned and true to me, my entire life changed.



After I quit my law job, my first online business failed (RIP Meditations for Lawyers!). I took the lessons I learned and threw them into my second business, a virtual legal recruitment company. I hit 6 figures in one year and ¼ million shortly after. 

I ran that business for 8 years until I decided to start coaching and helping others build businesses that provide them with unprecedented amounts of freedom, passion and joy in their lives.

It hasn't been easy, but it has definitely been worth it. I can work from anywhere. As I write this, I'm in Bali looking at the palm trees outside my window. I set my own schedule and most importantly, I absolutely love what I do. I now have the time, freedom and energy to live life to the fullest.

 And I truly believe that we all deserve that.

I help other freedom-seekers like me build abundant, online businesses doing what they love without burnout, regardless of how much experience they have online.

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"I'm now living from the deepest part of myself. Everything in my life and business is aligned."

- Satnam Kaur, Holistic Wellness Expert, Spiritual Coach, Founder of Conscious Sisterhood

"After working with Jenny, I realized that six figures is doable and possible for me. Before her, I didn't think it was. My confidence levels shot up. I moved past the imposter syndrome."

- Kimi Randhawa, Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, Founder of KlaritybyK