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Hosted By Transformational Business Coach,  

Jenny helps heart-centered entrepreneurs tap into their magic to create unlimited freedom and fulfillment through thriving online businesses.

Her mentorship program, Full Time Freedom, is a comprehensive online business program that combines strategy, mindset and energetic alignment to help you build your ideal life and dream business without burnout.

Jenny went from uninspired corporate lawyer, losing her spark, to now living barefoot in Bali, waking up every day lit up by the work she does. She’s passionate about helping her clients leave behind what no longer serves them and step into the powerful forces they’re meant to be.

This Masterclass is 60 minutes, zero-fluff, no BS. See you in there!
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What People Are Saying 

Deepika Sandhu - Author, Speaker, Coach

"I no longer believe that this is just a small side business or a hobby. What I’m creating can be my life, my income source, my freedom!"

Deepika Sandhu
Author of Hello Universe It's Me, Speaker, Authenticity Coach

Satnam Kaur Spiritual Coach

"Everything feels aligned now. I no longer believe that success is unavailable to me. I no longer believe that I am incapable of running a successful business. I no longer believe that there isn’t a seat for me at the entrepreneur’s table."

Satnam Kaur
Spiritual Coach, Founder of The Mandali membership

Aditi Loveridge

"Had it not been for Jenny’s support, I wouldn’t have launched my online course which had been a dream of mine for two years!"

Aditi Loveridge
Pregnancy and Infant Loss Coach

Jessica Moe

"Jenny’s super inspiring to watch and learn from. She’s a wealth of knowledge and she knows how to balance the masculine and feminine aspects of running a business, which is super important."

Jessica Moe
Online Course and Membership Creator