#025: Healing Shame and Guilt, Becoming a Sex Coach and Fully Experiencing Pleasure with Holistic Sexologist Jenna Switzer

What if the key to tapping into your most confidence, joyful, authentically successful self was your sexuality and sexual health?

What if releasing shame, guilt and trauma you've experienced around sex could catapult you to living the life you dream of?

This is a taboo topic for many, but my radiant guest, Holistic Sexologist Jenna Switzer, is changing that. Her approach to sexual health and empowerment is enlightening. She has so much to share on how to overcome the guilt and shame we experience around sex that really holds us back in ways we don’t even realize.

From taking risks in business, to showing up more authentically, to stepping into our personal power, in this episode Jenna drops a ton of knowledge on how to tap into all of that through the power of pleasure.

Jenna Switzer is a holistic sexologist and orgasm extraordinaire. Her work blends traditional practices from taoist and tantric lineages with a modern understanding of anatomy and physiology. She currently creates and teaches from a small surf town in Indonesia.


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