#011: Align With Your Human Design with Olivia Powell

Human Design isn’t a trend. It’s a powerful tool to help you invite more ease and flow into your life and business. Today, Olivia breaks it all down for us. You’ll learn about your type and how you can start experimenting with it right away to experience shifts towards more alignment and living your life more fully and true to who you are at your core.

Olivia Powell is a true multi-passionate entrepreneur; whom first started her business journey in 2016 by joining a makeup/skincare MLM/network marketing business > she then went on and became a Certified Life Coach, turned Narcissist Recovery Coach for singles & couples, turned Business + Podcast Coach, finally pivoting into becoming a Human Design Reader. She is currently an “Author in the making” and has an online store with Human Design merchandise.

After learning she was a ‘Manifesting Generator’ Energy Type in Human Design, this gave Olivia extraordinary answers about herself & provided the missing piece of the puzzle as to why she hopped from one passion to another over the years.

Get your Human Design chart for free: www.myhumandesign.com

Timestamps for each energy type:

Manifestors - 17:30

Generators - 32:28

Manifesting Generators - 50:57

Projectors - 1:07:35

Reflectors - 1:23:50

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