6 Instagram Highlights to Add to Your Bio Right Now

instagram tips Jun 17, 2020

Instagram Highlights are not a dumping ground for your favourite stories.

Read that again.

I'm not saying DON'T save highlights of your favourite stories, but DO use them strategically to grow your business.

Instagram highlights are a great place to turn browsers into followers and to nurture your current followers, but they're highly under-utilized by entrepreneurs.

Your Instagram Highlights operate like a mini-website on your profile. Just as someone would click around your website to learn more about you, learn more about your products/services and read testimonials for example, they do the same thing with your Instagram Highlights (if you've added that information).

For the top 6 Instagram Highlights you should add to your profile, watch this or keep reading:




    Why do you do what you do? How did you start your business? What inspired you? This is your opportunity to connect with your ideal clients on an emotional level and share more about your journey.

    People remember stories more than they remember particular products/services. Sharing your story will help them remember you and your brand better than anything else you do in your business.


    Not only should you highlight your products/services in your highlights, but also tell people exactly how to do business with you.
    Give them explicit instructions for how to take the next steps.

    Do they click the link in your bio to access your shop? Do they click on the "email" button in your profile to contact you directly?

    Don't assume that they'll find their way over to the buy button or your contact page. Attention spans are short on Instagram. Give them clear directions, so they don't have to think twice.


    You can only talk about own products/services so much. Let your customers/clients do the rest for you by sharing screenshots of the kind words they've said about you or what you offer.

    Testimonials are the most effective when they share the results your client/customer had and/or the benefits they received. Did their skin clear up from using your face wash? Did their wedding photo album get tons of compliments from using you as their wedding photographer? Don't be afraid to ask past clients for specific results they experienced from using your products/services.

    Bonus tip: Keep your screenshots in a separate album in your photos app on your phone. Name it "Testimonials", so that you can quickly pull from the album when you want to add them to your stories/website/etc. Way easier than searching through old emails and DM's!


    In order for people to buy from you, they have to trust you. Build trust and authority by adding a highlight with all of your features/press. Share articles that mention you or your products, guest blog posts you've written, podcasts you've been featured on, etc. If you have the swipe up feature, provide the links for each.

    I'm a firm believer that every business should offer a freebie for their leads to download, coupons to use for first-time purchases or some other incentive to get them on your email list. 

    It isn't prudent to rely on Instagram to connect with your ideal clients. If Instagram were to shut down tomorrow, would you have some way to keep in touch with the following you were building? An email list is crucial so that you can market directly to your leads and it's within your control.

    Have one highlight dedicated to your portfolio or featuring your work. If you're a photographer for example, you could have one highlight for your entire portfolio or you could have a different highlight for each part of your business. For example, one highlight dedicated to weddings, one to portraits, one to corporate work, etc.

Knowledge is useless without action. Add at least one of these highlights to your profile this week.

COMMENT down below and let me know your specific questions about using Instagram to grow your biz!


What would serve you best right now?


What would serve you best right now


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